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Meaning of 'kamam'
s. lust, desire, acai; 2. lasciviousness, libidinousness, kamanoy; 3. love, desire, anpu; 4. semen virile, viriyam; 5. sexual pleasure, punarcci inpam.
kamakkizatti, a kept mistress, a concubine.
kamakkotti, mad craving for sexual union, kamappaittiyam.
kamatevan, kaman, Kama, the god of love, manmatan, whose wife is rati.
kama takanan, Siva who burnt Kama; Also kamantakan & kamari.
kamatenu, a fabled cow in the world of Indra which supplies every want.
kamattuppal, kamappal, the 3rd part of kuyal treating of amorous love.
kamanul, kamacattiram, science of erotics, matananul.
kamanoy, love-sickness.
kamapumi, world of enjoyment; paradise.
kamappayyu, sexual desire.
kamappittu, -ppey, -ppaittiyam - see kamakkotti.
kamappor, sexual union.
kamarupi, the chameleon; 2. one able to assume any form at pleasure.
kamalilai, amorous sports.
kamavikaram, lust, irregular sexual desire; love of the sexes.
kamavikaran, -vikari, a libidinous person.
kamavitay, -veyi, vehement sexual desire.
kamanal, (kaman+nal) the spring season, ilavenil.
kamanurti, the south breeze (the vehicle of Kama).
kamatci, kamaksi, Parvathi as having fascinating eyes.
kamaturan, (fem. kamaturi) a lascivious person.
kami, kamiyan, kamantakan, kama poki, a libidinous person.
kamiyam, desire, love; 2. a thing desired.
kamini, a lustful woman.
kamukar, s. libidinous persons, turt tar; 2. fashionable polished people, nakarikar.
kamuya, to lust for, wish for.
Meaning of கமம்
s. fulness, நிறைவு; 2. field, farm, வயல்; 3. cultivation, agriculture விவசாயம்.
கமக்காரன், a farmer.
கமங் கட்ட, to cultivate one's own farm,
கமஞ்சூல், cloud, full of moisture.
கமத்தொழில், cultivation, tillage.
கமம் புலம், lands and fields.
கமவாரம், share of the produce of land given in return for agricultural implements loaned for its cultivation.
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